Types of knee braces

Reviews for all types of knee braces.  Top brands include DonJoy, Bledsoe, Mueller, McDavid, Shock Doctor, and Breg.

Types of knee braces – Top 5 hinged ligament braces – ACL injuries

  • DonJoy Custom Defiance III Knee Brace – This is by far one of the best ACL braces available today.  Although it is a little expensive with a price tag of $899.  If you have the money this is by far your best choice.
  • Breg Custom LPR Ligament Knee Brace – Incredible design and very stylish, very well built and price tag of $759
  • Bledsoe Z13 ACL Knee – Very well built, will last a lifetime and very comfortable.  This one wins the award for best value with a price tag of $459
  • Breg RoadRunner Post Op – If you are low on funds this is by far the best brace for you. Very comfortable, and provides extreme support for a low price of $169.  This is the top choice for a low cost post-op knee brace.
  • DonJoy Neoprene Hinged Knee Brace –Provides stability and support, great for sport use after complete recovery.  Comfortable and a low price tag of $119.

    types of knee braces

    Reviews for all types of knee braces

Types of knee braces – Knee meniscus tear braces

  • DonJoy Drytex Hinged Air – Great support, very comfortable, perfect for knee compression and stabilization.  Price tag $149
  • ProCare EveryDAY Daily Activity Brace – Set up like an ACL brace with tons of tibia support and rotation stabilization.  This is a well made brace for a cheap price of $129
  • Breg ShortRunner Knee w/Adjustable Horseshoe – Well built, great support, and adjustable.  This one wins the best brace award under $100
  • McDavid 428 Pro Stabilizer Knee Brace – Great low cost knee brace, good support for sports. Price tag $81
  • Mueller Hg80 Hinged Knee Brace – Best low cost knee brace available.  Under $50 feels comfortable and provides great support for your knee.

Types of knee braces – Top 5 braces for Runners knee

  • Breg Buttress Support Knee Brace – If you have moderate – severe pain when running this is the brace you need.  Great support and compression.  Price tag $59
  • Breg Patella Stabilizer Knee Brace -  Another great brace designed by Breg, better looking then most of the other comparable braces and is very comfortable.  Simple slip on design.  $49
  • DonJoy Elastic Knee w/Patella Donut – Simple decision easy to wash and good compression with an affordable price tag of $39
  • Mueller Hg80 Precision Knee Brace – Great support for running and for sports. $39
  • Mueller Self-Adjusting Knee Stabilizer –Another great design by Mueller.  You can’t go wrong with this brace and it is only $39

    knee brace reviews

    The best of the best knee braces

Types of knee braces – Top 5 braces for arthritis

  • DonJoy OA Nano Arthritis Knee Brace – Stylish, well built, top of the line, great brace for arthritis.  A little expensive at $674.
  • Bledsoe Z12 OA Arthritis Knee Brace – Best arthritis brace with a moderate price around $550
  • Breg Fusion XT OA Arthritis Knee Brace – Very well built, good looking brace. $529
  • Breg Freestyle OA Arthritis Knee Brace – This one has a simpler design and is a little more comfortable then the others.  Lighter weight and great for sports.  $499
  • Ossur Express Arthritis Knee Brace – Best low cost arthritis brace. Very well built and easy function.  Low cost value brace $359

Types of knee braces – Best Value with pictures

  1. Bledsoe Z13 ACL Knee
  2. Breg RoadRunner Post Op
  3. Mueller Hg80 Hinged Knee Brace
  4. Bledsoe Z12 OA Arthritis Knee Brace
  5. Donjoy Armor Action

I have done my best to provide non biased reviews for types of knee braces.  I hope you find the perfect brace to help with your knee injuries.


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