Meniscus Recovery

Meniscus recovery ranges from 2-12 weeks and sometime for very severe cases up to six months.  It is very important to access knee injuries as soon as the injury occurs.  Knee injuries which are left untreated may cause future degeneration of the knee joint structure.  A proper knee meniscus tear recovery program prescribed by a physician and instructed by a physical therapist will aid in the meniscus recovery timeline.  For minor tears a meniscus recovery program lasts about two weeks and focuses on swelling reduction and quad adductor strengthening exercises.  For a level 2 tear you may expect 4-6 weeks of torn meniscus rehab.  Stage 2 tear rehab will be slightly more aggressive then a stage one tear and will consist of reduction of swelling and increasing total overall leg strength.  This person should avoid any high impact or high weight bearing activities for at least 4 months.  Stretching is also very important and will help speed up recovery.  A complete tear or blowout tear may need surgery and a longer meniscus recovery program.  Based on your personal healing ability and quality of the post surgery meniscus recovery program will gauge the total recovery time.  For this person expect to be in physical therapy or post rehab therapy for at least 12 weeks.  A proper meniscus recovery exercise and flexibility program will help you get optimal knee function back in no time.  meniscus-recovery

Meniscus recovery begins with strengthening activities which focus on in­creasing quadriceps, hamstring, and hip strength. Pain responses should be noted and those activities or exercises should be avoided. People suffering from a knee meniscus tear should be progressed slowly to avoid further damage to the cartilage. Remember, cartilage does not regenerate itself. Further compression and damage will result in fur­ther inflammation and degenerative changes in the knee. Medical clearance and guidelines should be obtained before the meniscal injured person begins post rehab therapy.  Be very careful to avoid high levels of exercises post arthroscopic surgery of the knee. It is not uncommon for people to disregard requests by their physicians to attend physical therapy and attempt to rehab themselves utilizing a personal trainer. Im­mediately after surgery a physical therapist should provide a meniscus recovery program.  Overall leg strength for functional activities such as stairclimbing and running, knee extensions, hamstring curls, leg press (bilateral and uni­lateral), lateral step-ups and PNF diagonals with manual resistance are all excellent exercises to include in the meniscus recovery program.

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